May 31 2013

Drama- silent film script

Hi guys I will not be there on the day of performance, so Arthur will have to take the place I was practicing last week.
Bruke – criminal
Arthur – policeman
Meshach – shop keeper

Begins with:
meshach robbed by Arthur – arthur tries to catch him but instead catches bruke.
bruke chases arthur with meshach following behind. get to a pillar, do the look around pillar scene with mechach pointing out. bruke goes round back and the everyone starts to congo. arthur realises who he is but bruke grabs him and starts to dance with him.

May 16 2013

Chrysalids: Uncle Axel’s journey

When I was younger I used to pretend to be an explorer. I would dream of discovery, of lands far and shining, waiting for them to be found. It was much doubted by everyone else that these far lands existed, but to me there were as real as the problems that faced my family everyday. People wanted to find more land, food, and a new place to start again. So the logical solution for was to discover a new place all together, investigated or even another place habited!

The first people set out early in the year, people waving there goodbyes, and wishing them farewell. I was only 8 years at the time and so I had a growing curiosity of the world and so asked many questions about where they were going, what they would find and so forth. For the Elders, who everyone knew had the wisdom, the places where they where going to were inhabitable and had no interest to such a man willing to seek his fortune somewhere else, but could not describe what it was actually like. So when I told them I wanted to find out what it was like, all my father did was refuse, and that was that. There was No use arguing with my father, I always lost, usually ending with me locked inside my room and not allowed to go out and play for a few days.

It was only when I had come of the age of fourteen that I dared to try again. I could not stand to just wait around all day doing normal jobs, I wanted to discover. “Axel you may not leave,” my father said,” there are things out there that you don’t know of, you may be possessed by the Blasphemies”. There was much alarm about blasphemies recently as a few months earlier the number of them increased dramatically, people believing that they might overtake the human race and repopulate the earth with their devilish nature. My brother told me “Axel if you leave you will be completely consumed and will not realize that they are wrong and become one of them.” Nobody wanted me to go. I took my chances and hired out a boat with money I had, and did not come back till years later…