Drama- silent film script

Hi guys I will not be there on the day of performance, so Arthur will have to take the place I was practicing last week.
Bruke – criminal
Arthur – policeman
Meshach – shop keeper

Begins with:
meshach robbed by Arthur – arthur tries to catch him but instead catches bruke.
bruke chases arthur with meshach following behind. get to a pillar, do the look around pillar scene with mechach pointing out. bruke goes round back and the everyone starts to congo. arthur realises who he is but bruke grabs him and starts to dance with him.

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  • polarb Says:

    Aren’t I the robber.

    when we finish dancing I run into a western style salon and hide, arthur comes in and changes stock character when he swaps hat, on that note do you want me to get the hats and gun, arth. shoots but misses, i run out and there is a horse race, we could use brooms, Art. lasooses me and i fall down. we fight no one hits with his baton he hits me and i fall down , i swing my arms and hit mesh. and he is k.o. ,i push Art. over Mesh. foward -roll he shoots, no amo, i over react thinking i am dead. art. comes over and comforts me. Mesh. goes crazy and runs around in the basement

    the end

  • barnabymh Says:

    have you got all of the props ready for tommorow?

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