Jun 18 2013

Planning: writing in the style of John Whyndham

The style that he writes in:
-first person
-letting you know what is is happening while the main character doesn’t
-the way he writes reflects the age of the character
-he talks in the past and reflects his past youth
-he writes In a dystopian style

Writing in a dystopian style:
-to write like this- finding a thing people either take for granted or think nobody could live without. -> ideas: nobody allowed to communicate with anybody else and are not allowed to leave the place that they were born (no migration, with all Internet and phones scanned for traces of trying to escape).

Plot: before this happens there is a family,and one of their parents has gone away to another country for work, and ends up stranded, not able to communicate. The government has put these rules in place, to supposedly stop the problems of terrorism, and illegal migration. But this means that no country will let people into the country, so one of the parents cannot get back…