Mar 29 2014

Haiti speech

Haiti speech

Haiti. We’re an island. A Caribbean luxury exploding with opportunities and people willing to achieve. Taken down a manic path from the catastrophic earthquake and plague of natural disasters that disrupted the usual smooth flowing nature of our land. The magnitude 7.0 earthquake was soon to be known for a downhill run for our country, yet we have held up to achieve the best our nation can. With the help from other countries we are sailing forward and building up our nation to become a powerful ally to other countries.

As Haiti, we offer a radiant landscape, home to a lush diversity of inhabitants who have sighted the shimmering opportunities of our country. The Train that has pushed through hard weather, wreckage and desolation is coming to its next stop again. A marker point at which we can start to develop, upwards, outward to form a sustainable worldwide community that will eradicate the problems that once faced us. Help us take these Development goals into the future and carry on improving. We have made significant progress towards our MDGs. Distinct progress made in the areas of education, gender equality, the fight against HIV AIDS, allowing Haiti to get closer to them.

Here’s the story of Pierre. Like most Haitians, Mathias Pierre grew up profoundly poor, without electricity or running water. Today, he’s a millionaire who runs a computer business. The people of Haiti may not start with much but they can achieve higher than expected. We would like this opportunity to be for every one of our citizens to have a better standard of living and greater prospects.

Mar 9 2014

The Life of Pi review

logline- irony plot character setting problem
first para- about the creator and director

second para- own opinion style and first thoughts
third para and fourth para- details of why is good and bad review of budget
verdict- why was good what could have done better conclusion
rating- *’s


While on a journey to a new future in Canada Piscine Patel (Pi), is thrown into the ocean by a terrific Storm -an only survivor-  accompanied only by the animals from his zoo. A test of his own faith is presented as he is faced to drift endlessly on a small lifeboat ,with a vicious tiger to survive their journey to land.


The Novel of Yann Martin was supposedly a book that would be unrealistic to film, a book where the restraints of the real world would barge in. Yet Director Ang Lee has taken this into consideration- challenged the idea and made this into a major film production. It has taken a long while to develop: right back from 2003 up until the moment they started the filming and complicated animating process. This film is  a major accomplishment for the advance of technology in film, making the ‘unfilmable’ film able.

The story starts in Canada where a man is telling his extraordinary tale of survival. ‘Pi’ Patel and his family have set out for a new future in Canada- from Pondicherry, India and encounter a disastrous storm that sinks their ship. As a result of their previous business of owning a zoo, the boat is packed with different kinds of animals; some of which wound their way up onto the boat that Pi Patel tried to survive on. The rest of the story tells his relationship with a Bengal tiger, God and how he manages to get back to Canada.

The film itself is picturesque and stunning in terms of filming. The deep religious ideas put into the film from the original book make this quiet film have more meaning that just a survival story. The centre around belief in the story makes for an emotional and touching end result; yet instead of pointing you in a particular direction this film opens up one single path for religion and does not push for one. This makes what could be told as a usual religious story promoting a certain religion false.

The overall looks and acting in the film is unbelievable with the production of the tiger a major step forward for the technology that leaves the watcher thinking ‘How on earth did they achieve that?’ The budget has all developed all the amazing scenes so that there is not one scene that is made up of a few money shots. The whole performance is outstanding.


The production of this master composition of film making and animating makes this a stunning and beautiful film.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5/5