<background music>

Alistair: we can have it with the music in the backgroundbackground

^ vague language

Barnaby: why not? Or maybe not…

A: how’s it going miss?

^vague language

B: I think it might be a bit loud for the microphone though

^ vague language, using pronoun not noun

A: let’s do it


B: it’s really hard finding the best spot to record

Miss Shuil: Barnister! You are here because?

B: we’re doing English

S: so you should be in English?

A: nah, we-we’re trying to record a conversation between ourselves, we need to find a place, a quiet place

^ dialectdialect/verbal filler

S: well this isn’t quiet!

A: yeah I know but-

S: go into the corridor where it’s quiet

A: nice background music!

B: ha let’s go, Come on Alistair!

^ verbal filler

A: this is it

^vague language


Vague language/pronouns instead of nouns : 4

Interruptions: 2


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