George Orwell Language Devices

George Orwell uses language devices such as empathy to make the reader put themselves in each others shoes and feel for the characters.

‘they had no reason for thinking that it would be within their own lifetime,’

This example shows that what they are doing may not even be for the animals own benefit, which can be sad, but also shows that the animals are willing to sacrifice themselves for others, a quality not normally seen in farm animals. This is usually seen done by humans, for example humans have made roads. These roads were built by people that would not necessarily benefit from it. Yet they let others come along and use it for free. Animals have made great things as well, such as nests and dams but they generally only benefit the builder. This shows that George Orwell has also used personification to present the animals.

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  • joelbnorth Says:

    Hello Barnaby,

    Your analysis works well here and you’re using a clear PEA structure. Your ideas are developed fully and you have given your paragraph a clear conclusion.

    Target: I think you might be trying to do too much here. You begin by exploring empathy and end with personification. Empathy can be considered as the result of emotive language. Perhaps your topic sentence should read something like: Orwell uses emotive language to create empathy for the animals of Manor Farm.

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