Animal farm

I think that the implied reader for animal farm is not a child. This is because of the implication of the story and what it symbolizes. For example also the story is not one truly suited to younger readers because of the fact that the story has not got a happy ending, it is also not a finished plot unlike most child books. The fact that is symbolizes the hypocritical government of Russia also shows that it is meant for a reader that understands what it is about.

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  • joelbnorth Says:

    This shows a secure understanding and analysis of a complex theory (the implied reader). I would be interested to know if you believe that the novel works on other layers and is therefore suitable for many different audiences.

    What are your thoughts – does a writer shape the reaction of a reader through use of language and narrative OR do we, as readers, approach a text with different contexts and experience and therefore shape our own meanings?

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