Convincing the animals

Squealer/Napoleon does a really good job of presenting the idea of no problems on animal farm to the other pigs. He uses language devices and persuasive language to do so.
“Surely comrades you wouldn’t want Jones to return?”
Squealer uses many rhetorical questions to refer back to how bad it used to be in the old days. The animals of course are too dumb to remember what it used to be like, so it is not in fact a fair comparison, as he may say that it used to be worse but what he doesn’t state is how bad the conditions are at the given moment. He also speaks to them in simple words, then puts in some complicated vocabulary to make them feel like they know a lot and to raise himself in the hierarchy.

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  • jnorth Says:

    The analysis is the final part of your paragraph is very in depth and fully explores the techniques Squealer uses as well is the desired effect on the other animals. I’m impressed. I owe you a Watch mark.

    1) Avoid using phrases such as ‘really good’ – I know you are much more sophisticated than this.
    2) What about Orwell – how has he constructed this text?

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