HW Macbeth 6/5/14

Shakespeare controls our impressions of Lady Macbeth by making her have shorter, sentences that interrupt Macbeth. “LADY MACBETH


     As I descended?

This promotes the power imbalance between M and LM, she interrupts in the first place- which could already seem rude especially as the two are married. She uses imperative verbs that implies that she is in charge of the relationship, this has been shown through the whole play as a theme of imbalance.
This is Shakespeare’s authorial intent, to portray LM as the queen bee- Macbeth the soldier ant to change our views on the decisions that Macbeth is making. Shakespeare makes the play more interesting by doing this, it’s not ordinary and not expected for a King to be bossed around and manipulated by his wife. Shakespeare uses these devices to change the way we think about Lady Macbeth and therefore what influence she has on Macbeth in the play.

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  • Miss Drewett Says:

    All the points are there Barnaby and you have tried to consider all of the success criteria we have been talking about e.g. authorial intent, theme, devices. However, I think you are getting caught up in the terminology of these and are trying to make it clear you have considered them. Don’t worry about stating the terminology, your ideas (like your analysis presented in Wednesday’s lessons) are very clear and you consider the depth of the language and how it links back to interpretation of character; there is no need to state you are considering theme/authorial intent/devices etc. Continue to focus your analysis on the connotations and effect of language choices as you really grasped this concept today.
    Some points to consider:
    1. Is Lady Macbeth being rude in the context of what has happened? They are rushed and panicked at that particular moment.
    2. Be more specific in your last sentences – this is where you identify the device specifically and explain the effect clearly (what is the influence she has on Macbeth?)
    3. Check the meaning of your sentence about the theme. Could you more clearly explain how the evidence of Lady Macbeth’s actions/speech is part of the theme of imbalance? (Imbalance is a great theme by the way as it covers a variety of other themes in the play – gender, power, can you think of any others?)

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