Practice PEAL

Shakespeare shows the theme instability and insanity while presenting Macbeth. He does this by using the metaphorical device ‘O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife! The connotations of scorpions are dangerous, poisonous and lethal, by saying his mind is full of these things he describes his own mind as poisoned and damaged which will lead him into making fatal actions. Macbeth’s brain is ‘full’ of poison which leads to the question of who diseased it in the first place? I think that Shakespeare’s authorial intention was to show that LM had been the one to disrupt Macbeth into doing what he had to do to become King.

~Act 3 scene 2

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  • Miss Drewett Says:

    Well done for considering theme and authorial intention without overly stating them as much a before or having them as an add-on – they are the main focus on your argument, which works well.

    Perhaps consider revising your phrasing so that character is the key focus and themes are something gauged from it: e.g. ‘The development of Macbeth’s character throughout the play is a key aspect of the themes of instability and insanity, which play an important part in the action of Macbeth.’

    Diseased it – infected.

    Make sure to say Lady Macbeth, not LM.

    To avoid / rephrase obvious stating of intention: e.g. ‘It could be that Shakespeare intended to … ‘ ‘It seems that Shakespeare wants to..’
    Your analytical skills and argument are there. Focus on developing your writing with varied and sophisticated phrasing that shows your understanding as a whole not separate parts (authorial intention, themes, analysis of language all links into our understanding of character and vice versa).

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