Is she invisible?

Nope, she’s not. A change in what surrounds a person- no matter how different does not particularly shield a person from sight, just cloud them from usual life. The book ‘She is not invisible’ was given to me by Christopher Waugh~head of the London Nautical school English department as an award and yes it’s a nice book. For the pleasure of Miss Drewett I shall perform the honours of making a wonderful and (if a little pointless) book review to show that I can and have read a series of words in the holidays rather than sleeping and wasting time- as such a normal holiday goes.

To begin this review (and definitely not to try and lengthen my review a little by adding pointless information) I would like to talk about the cover of the book. The Book aesthetically jumps out at you as it has nice colours. there seem to be quite a lot of words on the front cover so that at first it is partially unclear who the Author is and what the book is called this if what I have found out: In red writing, different from all the others colours id a series of two words which I must depict as the Authors name because Marcus is a first name. I (Sherlock) then moved on to the title that was surrounded by random uplifting and encouraging words like ‘hope’ that had positive connotations <- note key word. I presumed these must have something to do with the character in the book and where they will lead her- *her because I had seen that the person on the front cover had long hair tied back and therefore must be a girl. The Font is wispy and mysterious and I like it because… I just do, it looks nice.

So for first impressions this looks like a good book. Tune in next time for when I will describe what the story in the book is actually like- till next time and goodnight…

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  • Miss Drewett Says:

    The strange thing is Barnaby, you haven’t actually shown that you ‘can and have read a series of words in the holidays’… just the pictures on the front cover…

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