FITT Script



Verbal filler




Confirmation request


<phone rings>

1. yeah

2. oh fanks for answerin gheezer, ^ know what I mean?-

3. Gimme dat, Where ^ you bin’ fool? ^ makin’ us rinse out our credit leaving you messages n’dat

2. Mr. Doors is well on the war path wiv you bruv, yeah?

1. Coz of the bag n dat?

2. What bag? Coz you messed a lesson you chief-

3. Gimme dat, the bag weren’t a problem, tigsy never mentioned it, he bottled it

3. Oi you coming round to mine later to play ^ computer?

1. Nah man I’m at home now, I got business I gotta to run

3. What business?

1. Business that minds it’s own! <kisses teeth> I’m out

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