Conversation analysis

[11:15pm, 18/09/2014] D: Shall I send you the pictures now?


[10:14pm, 18/09/2014] B: Thomas said he’ll send me fine stuff as well


[10:14pm, 18/09/2014] B: Of you want the file I can email it to you


[11:15pm, 18/09/2014] D: Yh can you email it to me as well please?


[8:24am, 19/09/2014] B: OK when I get back tonight


[6:29pm, 20/09/2014] D: What are you up too tomorrow?


[7:04pm, 20/09/2014] B: Homework and going to my aunties for lunch and swimming


[7:10pm, 20/09/2014] D:

OK cool

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